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A beautiful day off! Part 1

At some point with our “free time”, life before today (wedding, honeymoon, etc) will be blogged about.  For today, however, a Tetzlaff treat!

We started our day off in true Tetzlaff fashion – because in case you haven’t known this before, we are quite nerdy people! So we set our alarm to get up in time to watch Lady Gaga do a live concert for the Today show!

Don’t laugh. No, really… we are completely serious.

While eating breakfast, we had a dance party in our living room to “Bad Romance” among other terribly catchy but somewhat inappropriate songs!

Then, we packed our cooler, loaded the car, stopped for gas and ice, went back to the apartment for the forgotten chocolate (a completely necessary stop, I assure you), then headed to Buffalo River State Park for an afternoon of being lazy, getting a suntan, and swimming in the “lake”.

Our spot for the afternoon…

glorious sun bathing

We promptly applied sunblock (after one major burn for the summer already, we became smart rather quickly!) grabbed a book, and passed out on our towels.

5 minutes later, we were drenched in sweat and utterly miserable in the 85 degree sun + humidity mix!  Into the lake we went for a sweet and blissful retreat from the heat…

…and the sweating.  Did I mention the sweating?

Aaron was a champ and walked all the way back to our car when we realized we forgot our Gander Mountain camping chairs (We think of Ty every time we use ’em ;) )

This is why I married him, folks! YUM! But really I kid… I kid!  Although his incredible servant heart is a highly attractive quality ;)

ruggedly handsome and all mine!

We spent the rest of the day alternating between sunning ourselves (a.k.a. sweating profusely) and then finding refuge in the cool lake waters.  Throw in good food and time spent uninterrupted with each other and we had a wonderful afternoon we can’t wait to repeat!

first dip in the lake

taking a reading break!

Part 2 will follow shortly… it’s time to crawl into bed and watch some Good Eats!

But because I couldn’t resist, here’s a preview of what’s to come tomorrow with Part 2… (ignore the blurriness and just soak in what this photo captures!)

There are simply no words... But at the end of the day, I still get to claim him as mine!

-Mrs. T


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