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A beautiful day off! Part 2

Well our glorious day off ended with a stroll through Lindenwood and Gooseberry Parks in Fargo and Moorhead.

Note: when I say WE had a day off, what I really mean is Aaron had a day off work.  Every day is a day off for me until August 16!

I LOATHE that day.

Very much.

One of the things that is very, VERY different about Aaron and I is our attraction to bugs and consequently, what happens to our skin when the bugs (which seem to stick with the good-looking, feminine blood) swarm around me – that’s right, JUST me.

Not Aaron.


Not fair.

The swelling.  The itching.  The redness.  The lack of self-control with the itching!

Despite that, we found a way to have a good time.  Even if I was half running back to the car to the oasis of an enclosed space withOUT bugs :)

Here’s the stroll for the visual people out there…

Aaron hammin' it up on the monkey bars!

oh yeah…. this is happening…

creeping around... a seal?

we have so many pictures of us like this, we decided to be different!

a good one!

see any of my bug bites yet?

a good one in the mix

making me laugh again... shocking!

-Mrs. T.


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