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Creatures of Habit?

As I walk around, especially while on campus surrounded by many fascinating (albeit sometimes incredibly frustrating) college students, I’ve noticed most walk around with absolutely NO REGARD to anything happening around them.  They are lazy, taking the shortest possible route everywhere, even if it means they are going directly in your path of travel.  Then, they have the audacity to step outside their stupid bubble to glare at YOU for getting in their way.  Then it’s right back to their iPod and whatever dazed world they were in before.  My first tendency is to shove/hit/holler/ whatever it takes to make these lethargic students WAKE UP to the world and people around them.

But then, after a few seconds to cool down, I start thinking of all the ways and times I walk around like that, most times not literally, but in a spiritual state of complacency, laziness, and lethargy.  Oh how I wish someone would have the nerve to throw a brick in my face every time that happened.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a fabulous husband and wonderful friends surrounding me, but I often have that great ability to put the metaphorical iPod in and block everyone out.

Quite the picture, huh? Lord, keep me soft to your leading!


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