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Aaron, the Conqueror

Last night I wanted to plug my camera in to back-up photos from life’s shenanigans the past few months (which unfortunately, there aren’t very many… I need to get better at grabbing that thing on my way out the door) However, I quickly realized the drawer containing the cord for my camera was very, very stuck.

You see, I had used the 3-hole punch earlier while organizing all my printed recipes.

NOTE: I hardly ever use most of the cookbooks (except the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook).  Some of these books were thrift store finds; others gifts from my mom or from our wedding. The white binder on the right is my go-to “cookbook”.  It has all my tried and true recipes along with a handful of new ones waiting to be tried.

Once I finished organizing the horrendous pile of papers, recipe cards, magazine clippings, etc, I placed the 3-hole punch back into the drawer where it belonged.  Little did I know that drawer would not open for the next day and a half, thanks to that 3-hole punch getting wedged under the frame of the drawer.  Now, normally that drawer is not one that opens frequently… unless, of course, you can’t open it.  Then, you need to open it 5 times a day.

Where’s the sharpie? In that drawer we can’t get open….  Where’s the tape? In that drawer… Where’s the camera cord? In that dang drawer that’s stuck shut… Where’s an envelope? Where’s a pen? A pencel? A new book of checks? In the black abyss that won’t let us in.

I feel the need to let you know I do not believe in junk drawers.  If I let myself have one, it would explode.  You see, everything needs its place; if it doesn’t have a place, it’s too easy for me to place it in a junk drawer.  Everything would go in that drawer if I had one.  The extra 5 seconds it takes me to either find the correct spot for an item or to decide, it doesn’t have a spot AND we don’t really need it – let’s chuck it is worth me not designating a drawer for “junk”.  But that’s my personal opinion; feel free to think otherwise, but don’t impose your beliefs on me.

Enter: Aaron.  He graciously said he’d figure out how to open this drawer that seemed to be holding everything we needed to continue functioning in life at the moment.

This is the space we had to work with and that blue arrow points to the culprit of the blockage into the drawer.  You will also see a wooden spoon in the upper right; it was the first selected tool of choice by Aaron trying to dig into the drawer.

Don’t mind the bowl sitting on the desk… we had popcorn earlier in the evening and I hadn’t cleaned up after it yet. After about 15 minutes of wiggling, pulling, shoving, shaking, and pure frustration, Aaron switched to a long-necked screw driver.  2 minutes later… SUCCESS!

Hey, I never said our drawers were ORGANIZED.  I just said we didn’t have a junk drawer.  Everything you see in this drawer falls under the category “office”… I just haven’t had the time to organize this drawer yet.  Which is probably the real culprit as to why the 3-hole punch jammed the drawer shut.  But since we’re moving places in a month, I’m just not sure I want to organize this drawer.  One thing I am sure of: the 3-hole punch has a new home on the top of our desk.


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