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An Assortment of Updates

…if you can call them that. This post doesn’t really have anything to do with anything other than a bit of our life the past few days.

First up, a follow-up to a previous post dealing with a drawer that was very hap-hazardously organized. I know I said I wouldn’t organize it before we moved, but I couldn’t help myself.  Here is the finished product. Please don’t ask why we have 4 different tape dispensers.  I’m asking myself the same thing.

Next up, my shoes for Cass and Josh’s wedding came! I’m very excited about them.  Or for me to be able to wear them.  They may be a bit casual for the wedding, but I have a feeling I will wear them often this summer.  They’re cute for being flats.

The same day these sweet shoes came, our immersion blender also came (we ordered it online so we could get one with multiple speeds) I know it’s just the box, but it’s still sweet. And it made amazing soup.

I was weirdly sick the second half of last week, so unfortunately, this is what our kitchen turned into while I was trying to rest and Aaron was hard at work with school work.  Sigh… we’re usually not so bad at keeping up with the daily tasks around the house, this week just got out of hand a bit.  Life’s messy; we’re human; moving on. Turning this image grayscale made it seem less disgusting.  Note to self…

And finally, I’ll leave you with this: we have a hard case of SUMMER right now and can’t wait for the day when we’re able to do this again:

We also were finally able to replace the grill that broke in one of the hefty wind storms last summer which is just adding fuel to the fire of this yearning.  Some day soon I’ll share our adventure of setting that grill up and christening it.


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