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A Funny Thing Happened Last Week

Last week Aaron and I were thoroughly enjoying the last of the first three-day weekend of the summer.  We were watching Hook and playing Monopoly when all of a sudden the lights flickered.  We knew a storm was supposed to roll through that night; we just severely underestimated the severity of that storm.  I looked out to the southwest and saw quite the line between light and dark all accompanied by very strong winds.  Suddenly we heard the sirens wail, the power go completely out, and ran into action.  We needed to round-up something so we could see not knowing how long the power would be out. Enter our predicament: we had only been living at the house for a couple of weeks and had absolutely no idea where anything of the flashlight/candle sort was.

Luckily, we knew there were two large candles in the living room and somehow Aaron lucked out finding a book of matches quickly in the kitchen.  How we did all this without any lights, I’ll never know.  We went downstairs and sat on two little pieces of carpet near the stairs in case we needed to dive for further cover and waited things out.  This was our light source:
We were downstairs for around 45 minutes desperately wishing we had some type of battery-powered …well, anything.  Ironically both our phones were either red or yellow bar-ed with little to no battery power left.  After we thought the worst had passed, we ventured upstairs and outside.  Still without power, I plugged one of our phones into the car so we could reconnect with the world.  While we were outside, we found many of our neighbors were also outside surveying the damage.  This night was actually a great way to meet the neighbors.  We had a fun conversation with a junior-high-ish aged next door neighbor, then an older next door neighbor who grew up on this street (along with my grandma, and there’s a whole different story for another time!).  What we saw in very small amounts that night, turned into this the next day:
A fence down in the backyard.  Lucky for us newbie “homeowners”, this fence belonged to our neighbor.  Phew. Yes, this neighbor has a beautifully landscaped backyard!

Other than these sections of fence down, the worst of the storm in our yard was a few branches down.

Just a block away, a much larger “branch” was down right on top of a power line.  We were very thankful this power line was not supplying power to our block.  We lost power for about 4 hours that night, but thankfully woke up to power the next morning.

Today, things are pretty much back to normal.  The fence is just temporarily braced up right now, but one day hopefully soon everything will be normal. Things we learned that night: keep battery operated things in the basement, like a radio or form of communication along with a couple of flashlights.  And a deck of cards or set of dice, things to keep us occupied while imprisoned in the bunker.  Let’s hope this night is not repeated.


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