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See You Later

Tomorrow, some of our good friends hit the road for a new chapter in their life.  Jeremy and Aaron have been friends almost since Aaron moved to Fargo; he played an instrumental role in helping point Aaron back to the Gospel and deepening his relationship with the Lord.  They’ve done quite a few really stupid boy things as college friends.  They were groomsmen for each other.  Really, they’ve been good friends for quite a while.
Jeremy’s wife, Megan and I first met several months before they got married; I designed their wedding invitations.  After that, we ran into each other every once in a while; then, last year at Aaron and my’s wedding, Megan stepped in and helped fill in all the cracks that day.  Without even being asked (because I felt I didn’t need a personal attendant; I was wrong.), she made things go much more smoothly than they would have without her.  I am forever grateful for that.  Since then, she and I have gotten a lot closer, bringing the four of us together to hang out as well as grabbing coffee every so often and just being good friends.

So the Adelman’s are moving to the Twin Cities for job opportunities and leaving us here in Fargo.  That’s two more friends living in the Cities.  Do you think that’s a sign for Aaron and I? Do we need to move?

This past weekend, the four of us went out one last time.  We started the evening at Huhot, a favorite of all of ours, then played quite the game of Mini-Golf, and ended the evening at the Dairy Queen all while laughing and enjoying each other’s company.
Everyone decided I should keep score; let the record state I am the only one of the four of us that is not competitive.  The other three of our group are extremely competitive people.  Here you’re seeing me tracking with everyone while Jeremy and Aaron are wincing at a good shot made by Megan, helping her pull ahead of the boys’ scores.
On our way out of Thunder Road, the boys ran into this machine, Terminator Salvation.  If you ask them, it was $2 well spent; personally, I think the $2 could be spent in much better ways, however, it was the perfect bargain chip for ice cream after the game.
At the DQ Aaron may or may not have spilled my glass of water.  It’s very possible.
Adelmans, we will miss you dearly.  But are so very excited for what’s next in St. Paul.  We can’t wait to hear all about your new adventures and are very excited to have family and other friends down that way so we can still see you often.  So it’s not goodbye, just see you later.  We love you two!


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