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Designing Once More

This week, I started a new job; hopefully the last professional one for a long while.  More on what else I’m doing in a later post. Oh and perhaps I should update you on what happened with NDSU, or the lack-thereof I guess.  When I went full-time at NDSU I signed a temporary 2-year contract with them.  So I wasn’t let go or anything over there, my contract just expired.  And while I’m extremely happy I was able to teach full-time for those two years, I missed designing full-time a LOT.  I built some great relationships with students there and will miss them quite a bit.  Perhaps they can come be my summer interns now…

So now, I am using my Interior Design degree once more.  Showplace Kitchens here in their Fargo showroom has one very excited sales designer working for them now.  I’m only 2 day into this and won’t receive any real training until next week, so I don’t know very much yet; however, the basics of what I’ll be doing involve working with clients to understand their needs/wants/desires to design a new custom kitchen, bathroom, closet, entertainment center, anything you can dream of that can be made from millwork/cabinetry.  Probably one of the coolest things Showplace offers is a cabinet re-facing line called Renew.  It’s a bit more budget friendly and involves using the boxes you currently have and putting a veneer on those faces, then replacing doors/drawer headers; when it’s done, it looks brand new, but you spent less and were far more gentle on the environment reducing waste from the job.  That’s all I know of really anything right now. But I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and start designing.

So for now I will leave you with a photo of a kitchen I love (not designed, just love – because deep down, I’m a big cowgirl at heart).  It’s the Pioneer Woman’s Lodge Kitchen.
Doesn’t it just make you wanna run outside and jump on your horse to gallop off into the countryside to round-up the cattle? No? Just me? Well, in any case, I’m sure I’ll be posting much more on what I now do around here, so stay tuned!


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