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Happy Plane-iversary!

Well, not really, since our anniversary doesn’t involve a plane at all, but it’s a fun Friends quote for ya…

Today, Aaron and I celebrate one year of marriage – by the grace of God, it’s been an incredible year.  More on our first year of marriage later this week, I just didn’t want the day to pass without writing something about this special day.  So for now, here’s a picture of us at Island Park this afternoon:

I’m off to Sioux Falls this week for training, leaving Aaron here to run a-muck with his friends :) Ha, just kidding, although if you don’t hear from him, please stop by our place to check on him – he may be lost in a book and not know what day it is!


One thought on “Happy Plane-iversary!

  1. since I didn’t get a chance to blog more about our first year this week, I thought I’d at very least share the fact that Aaron and I got each other the exact same card. No joke. The exact same thing. :) If we know each other this well after only a year, we’ve decided once we’ve been married for 25 years, we won’t even need to speak to each other; we’ll just know what the other is thinking! I can’t wait for that point!

    Posted by rt | June 24, 2011, 6:04 pm

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