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Last summer I met a dear friend who also happens to be an extremely talented photographer, Kendra Dahl.  In the past year I’ve had the opportunity to grow closer as friends through our Missional Community and a Fight Club (accountability group) as well as working a lot with her as she took her photography business to incredible new places.  We had many talks about all things business, marketing, etc and where I became most involved was re-branding her and all things creative. Check out her new site here.

Part of refining the current photography business she had meant she set up several “staged” shoots, meaning the shots look like wedding day photos, but really we were just able to put on our suits and dresses again and go out and have some fun.  (Some people will also call these “day-after shoots” or “trash-the-dress shoots”)  So Aaron and I were lucky enough to be in front of Kendra’s camera this past September – I fell in love with every single photo she took, so I’ve been agonizing over which ones to post here.  You can see her blog post on our shoot here; and below are some additional ones I love.  Thanks Kendra!


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