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Making the old, new

Aaron and I are in the home stretch of our nomadic life; we can honestly say it’s been a good summer, but we are UNBELIEVABLY ready to move into our new place on September 1st.  I’m working on a 3-part (or 14 depending on how wordy I turn out to be) blog series to catch everyone up on what’s been going on this summer.  I have to tell you, some exciting things have happened.  As soon as our beloved iMac is set up again and our internet is connected, we’ll all be on the same page again.  I cannot wait.

After that series of catch-up posts, we’ll be starting a brand new category here: “Life at Home”.  Here, you’ll be able to follow our progress as we make our new place a home.  The majority of these posts will consist of crazy deals we’ve found on seemingly trashed items (or simply items that appear to have one purpose) and creating new, functional, and oh-so-beautiful/chic items for our new place.  WE ARE VERY EXCITED to get this started.  On deck as soon as we get settled: lamps, a desk, end tables/coffee table, wall art, general merriment and accessories for our place.  And because I know us, a plethora of other projects will undoubtedly come up which we’ll happily conquer with our creativity and mad craftsman skills (please note: these mad skills in no way reference any real talent.  We really are quite insane to tackle some of the things we’ve got up our sleeves this fall.  But we’ll have fun, save a lot of money, and (hopefully) have a great looking place to open up to others.)

For today, I found this blog that I just about cried when I found.  She has a fabulous site and restores furniture (perfect for us!).  Check out Perfectly Imperfect, but I’ll warn you here, prepare to drool over the projects she’s done.

Two weeks, friends, or thereabouts.  Party at the Tetzlaffs to follow!


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