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Extraordinary, Part 1

Somehow, Aaron and I find ourselves already in the midst of October.  We have for at least a month now been dreaming about and longing for the day when we can pull out our sweaters and turtlenecks (don’t judge, they’re not as “grandma-like” as you might think.  With the right jewelry and fun vest/jacket/scarf, they’re quite stylish and oh-so cozy and warm.). IT’S FINALLY HERE!  What we might be even MORE excited for is the menu that accompanies cooler temperatures.  Things like beef stew, asparagus soup, spinach soup, well any soup, crock-pot roast with potatoes, onions, garlic and carrots, and the list goes on – you get the picture.  We’ve been craving those “heartier” meals.  Don’t get me wrong, we love the light and fresh cooking of summer – grilling almost every meal, fun and cool sides like potato salad, cabbage salad, fresh fruit and veggies.  But because of the freshness, I almost feel like there’s more work involved because prep can only really happen that half hour before the meal.

I’m probably also speaking out of a bit of weariness from our summer of nomadic living.  We have learned a lot this summer about the differences between living idealistically and living on mission, how those two can fit together, where those two overlap, and how often we without even knowing start living with idealistic thoughts and completely miss living missionally.  To say we’ve had the gospel pressed, wait – slammed into our hearts and thoughts is perhaps an understatement.

Since I recently found around 15 drafts of blog posts I would have liked to written about our summer antics, and since, more importantly, I want to be able to articulate how we have grown closer together, been refined as individuals and as husband/wife, I’ve decided to condense things down a bit.  We have truly had an extraordinary few months filled with many changes, several moves, much growth, and a whole lot of fun.

This summer started off having both families come to Fargo to watch Aaron walk across the stage, shake President Bresciani‘s hand, and almost receive his college diploma.  I say almost because he had one online class to finish up this summer.  This first blurb will actually bookend our summer a bit – we started May off with his walking, and ended August at Maxwell’s celebrating the official completion of his undergraduate career.  To say I’m proud of you, Aar, is a gross understatement.  I’ve watched you struggle, succeed and grow so much as a student and more importantly I’ve watched your views on education and of yourself change and grow incredible amounts.  You hated reading when I met you; now, you read both fiction and non-fiction books at a good clip and ENJOY what you read.   I’ve watched with much excitement as you discovered your love for books and how that has already transferred to our future children.  Your thrift store finds of great literary classics along with fun children’s books are tucked away just waiting for their chance for us to read them to our children.  I cannot wait.

After commencement, Aaron and I celebrated one year of marriage, two years together, and three years as best friends.  It’s been such an incredible year; one that’s challenged us along the way, but taught us so much about our sinful natures and sanctified us in ways I’m not sure we even thought possible.  I love you more today than a year ago, sweet man, and I didn’t think I could.  Thank you for leading me well, for showing me a glimpse of Christ, for providing for me, and making me laugh every single day.  I love you!

I had a battle with a mandolin… and lost.  But good potatoes were eaten that night and several weeks later, all was back to normal.  It just hurt like the dickens in the heat of the moment. Please excuse the alien hand complete with dry skin, chipped nail polish, and dirty nails…

We replaced our grill that gave its all last summer with several storms and finally died at the end of last summer.  My favorite thing to grill is garlic French bread.  It’s the perfect complement to almost anything: meat, salad, soup, etc! Yum! We’d love to have you over to share in our love of grilling, which, by the way, we grill year-round.  Snow won’t keep us down!

This ends part 1 of our summer recap… be on the lookout for the rest of the parts to complete our summer adventures soon! I promise things won’t always end this abruptly – these posts, in my head, are one post if you combine them together.  I just had to split them up so you didn’t have to scroll down two miles to reach the end.


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