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Extraordinary, Part 2

To see the beginning of this series, go here.

We planted a garden.  We were completely ignorant novices, but other than planting things far too close together and our tomato plants turning into Godzilla, we’re quite happy with our onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, basil, and mint. We learned so much from this first summer.  And reaped many benefits from this first year, including a LOT of tomatoes. (Side note with the following pictures: we’re still not great at taking consistent pictures.  Case in point: we have pictures of our garden right after planting, but nothing after that point.)
My hope is to make and can salsa this fall.  Well actually, I want to make/can salsa, tomato sauce (a base for spaghetti sauce), raspberry jam, and apple sauce.  We’ll see how ambitious I am.  (Update: I have made each of the items listed previously and still have tomatoes in the freezer along with ones sitting in boxes waiting to ripen.  One more hurrah with canning will ensue before too long.  I can’t say I love canning, but I DO love the by-products of canning.  It’s a love/hate relationship really.)  Correction: we will see how much TIME I have to do all that!  My mother-in-law taught me how to can earlier this summer.  We went to a berry patch and picked strawberries.  Then came home and made delicious jam.  It’s the day I learned how to can.  It’s also the day I learned picking berries is NOT that much fun, but a cost-saving necessity for making jam.  It WAS fun picking with Beth and spending some good time with her.  (Note: the images below are actually from a second weekend canning with the Tetzlaffs.  We picked raspberries this time and made jam, salsa, tomato base, and tried for the first time applesauce.  We also took breaks and played hoops and fed chickens – it was a blast!)

WARNING: After finishing telling the story of this weekend, I realized how many photos I had inserted into the post.  I’m going against every form of advice I’ve given with what I’m doing next: 26 images for your viewing pleasure! I’m not even sorry :)
The most ingenious way to can jam without a water bath.

T-rapper (or just Trapper) assumed his position for the day between this spot here and his spot anywhere directly underfoot of us in the kitchen.

Applesauce before it’s actually applesauce.

Onions and garlic by the truckload make this girl’s eyes extremely agitated.


Tomato Base for spaghetti, lasagna, etc

Finished product.

We took a break to play some ball.  Well Randy, Meg, and Aar played ball. 

Trapper and I did this.  Yes, this was a Frisbee at one point.They continued to play ball (uh, Randy, your foot is out-of-bounds!) – only sometimes excluding Megan…

And I wandered around their yard to take pictures of chickens!

After my walk, I came back to this cute girl ready for a break from playing with the big kids :)  Oh the fun we had that weekend!


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