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A Small Victory

Today marks a milestone for this Tetzlaff family, even if it is a very small one:

//////////// WE PAID OFF OUR FIRST STUDENT LOAN TODAY \\\\\\\\\\\\

What little motivation I had to work today was very quickly squelched after realizing this piece of news.  Thankfully my work day was almost over by then anyway.  I want to shout it from the rooftops! Perhaps I should explain a bit more…

Aaron’s student loans went into repayment this month, so we were re-visiting our budget and trying to fit these ridiculous payments into things.    What we found was that we would be coming up $89 short each month.  So close, yet so very far away from breaking even.

Then two wonderful things happened by the grace of God and His amazing provision: Aaron got a raise at work that works out to be about $50 extra dollars a month.  And we were about to pay off one of my student loans that eliminated a $40 monthly payment.  Did you just do the math, too? Because it’s really quite unreal.  Where we once found ourselves $89 in the red, we suddenly find ourselves $1 in the black.  Who wants a Coke?! It’s on the Tetzlaffs!

We are blessed to have the ability to live within our means and look ahead with great anticipation for the day when more of our debt is knocked out.  Not so we can throw money away frivolously, but so we can give generously above our 10%.


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