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Extraordinary, Part 3

I feel like I’ve lost the right to still be writing about what happened to us this past summer. (Read about the first post here and the second, here.)  It’s almost, if not already summer 2012 (hello 93 degrees on May 18!) if I’m really honest, but then I think of all the changes that happened last summer, and it pains me to not share these things with you (and by “you”, yes, I mean you, but even if there wasn’t a “you” on the other end, it would still be important for me to document this little Tetzlaff family.)  So is it incredibly lame that I’m posting a blog on things that happened months ago? Perhaps.  But if I’m honest, sometimes that’s just how life goes.  I’m not always on top of things.  More often than not, our kitchen floor is dirty.  And if you’d like brutal honesty: this blog post has been written for months; I’ve just been waiting to insert the images into the post. Yep. So to recap the last chunk of summer 2011…

We stayed at some sweet friends’ home for several months while they were out of town.  As first-time homeowners (or home-livers, maybe :) ), we didn’t do THAT terribly; we loved being able to help our friends out, taking care of their garden, home, and cat.  We also were very blessed by the arrangement.  It saved us quite a bit of money, too.  Cat lovers, we are not.  But Maxwell clawed his way into our hearts at least a little bit.  We still loathe his hair, but when he wasn’t moody or drinking out of the toilet, he was pretty cute and cuddly.

Aaron and I went to our first Twin’s game at Target Field.  It was hot. Extremely hot.  But so much fun! We won tickets to the 4th of July game; I mean, what could be more patriotic than going to an MLB game on the 4th of July? Other than losing immense amounts of water via sweat, we had a great time.  It was dollar hot dog day AND the Twins won.  Win/win!

We then went back to Target Field with the Moen family for a fun weekend in the cities.  It was the Yankee fans pitted against the Twins fans…  And surprising to everyone, including the Twins’ fans, the Twins won.  Yep.  It was the longest 2nd inning of my life, but the Twins pulled off a victory.  We were able to spend time with my family at the game as well as with Leah.  Double bonus!  (side note: we miss you, Leah! Very excited for you to come home!) This weekend was also Aaron’s first experience at a West Elm store.  I warned him before he agreed to go in that I may or may not freak out and start talking wildly about all the ideas rolling around in my head.  Turns out, Aaron had to show some restraint also.  Between the two of us, we had enough rational thinking to walk out of the store with just a few needed items and all but one of those items was one sale! Score!

Aaron started his full-time job at Discovery Benefits and Roxie started a new job at Showplace Kitchens.  There are days we love what we do, and there are days we would give our left arms to move to the mountains, wear flannel all day, and live off the land.  We are learning so much about what it looks like to be missional in the workplace.  Perhaps the best things being learned in this time is a magnification of our hearts’ desires and what the Lord is growing in our hearts more and more every day.  More on this later…

The missional community we had been a part of since we started going to River City, multiplied, and Aaron and I were blessed to take leadership of the multiplied group.  It’s been incredibly fun living in community with these friends.  Growing, challenging theology, laughing, crying, rejoicing, and pressing the gospel into each others’ lives has been so sweet.  Here is a short video that one of our good friends made this past summer.  It’s a collection of a few of River City’s missional community leaders and their responses to a few questions about MCs.  Check it out here.

We moved into our new place – the place that will be permanent until one of two things happens.  One: we grow out of the two bedroom, two bath place of 1250 square feet.  Two: the Lord calls us away from Fargo to go live on mission in a different city.  We are blessed with a fantastic space and love being hospitable to friends, family and strangers.  We were extremely blessed to be able to use some of the money we saved this summer to invest in furniture we’ll have for a long time.  We were very excited to complete our bedroom set.  We also were able to get new seating for the living room.  Some of this was spurred because of losing a few pieces after our storage unit got water in it; some was done out of the necessity and desire to be hospitable. Photos to come…

On top of that, we were able to take a chunk out of our school debt which was probably the most exciting part about this summer.  Our heart’s desire is to pay off our debt as quickly as we can so we can live off one income.  That frees up my income to do one of two things: either go to bless people in the area and around the world.  And perhaps more importantly, it frees up my time to be able to stay at home to raise whatever children the Lord blesses us with.  I am so very thankful to not find my identity in the job I have, the people I know, or the things I do.  For this very current moment, that means I get to engage with co-workers and clients around me at Showplace Kitchens; further down the road, I pray this will mean me being able to invest in the lives of little Tetzlaff people, pointing them to Christ, showing them Christ not through false perfection, but by extending them grace the same way I have been extended grace.

Through all these exciting/challenging/growing experiences this summer, we have learned more about God’s character, our sinful nature, and the grace so freely given to us, as undeserving as we are.  We’re still working through what exactly it means for this Tetzlaff family to live on mission, but every day, our sole purpose is to reflect Christ to others.  That’s fleshed out in many different ways.  Some days, it’s as simple as needing one-on-one time with Aaron; other days, it means, dropping everything to help a friend’s neighbor move.  Yet other days, it might mean going to fight for Truth in a friend’s life or having people over to celebrate victory in the lives of those around us.

Soli Deo Gloria.


One thought on “Extraordinary, Part 3

  1. I love that you caught up on last summer. I’ve been debating how far back I can post just to record it for myself…now I feel justified. ;)

    Posted by Kendra | May 18, 2012, 3:28 pm

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