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Allow me to introduce you to Flat Stephanie.

Flat Stephanie is a class project for my sister-in-law, Megan.  Each student made a Flat Stephanie or Stanley and sent them around to family and friends taking pictures of their journeys.

This little lady has been to more places than I have in my lifetime, well at least to more countries than I have been. Confession: I do not own a passport. I’ve been to Canada several times for French class in high school but I am, in fact, old enough to have been to Canada before passports were needed.

Flat Stephanie has most recently been in Uganda with my dear friend Leah. There, Leah took Stephanie on several adventures including a meeting with orphaned elephants and beautiful giraffes. Sorry Flat Stephanie, no safari adventures for you while in North Dakota, but here are the shenanigans we got her into during her stay in Fargo.

She was a shiny little bugger, so she doesn’t show up extremely well in these photos, but you’ll get the ideas! First, we went downtown to show her the Fargo “skyline”.

She got to meet one of the iconic bison scattered throughout town.  Maybe it’s just because both Aaron and I are proud alumni – ok well, I’m at least a proud alumni – but we had to capture this artistic hunk of a bison…

We then had to capture perhaps the most iconic piece of Fargo’s history: the Fargo Theater Marquee.

We couldn’t let her visit go without showing her the Red River, great for both cat-fishing and flooding.

Speaking of proud NDSU Alumni… GO BISON!!!

I guess I’m not sure what’s so special about this monster of a building except it represents Fargo well!

And finally, welcome to Fargo, Miss Stephanie! We hope you enjoyed your stay.  Give Megan a hug for us when you make it back to her!


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