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Where to start?  I have been so very absent on here for a variety of reasons.  Let’s talk about one.  Work.

Let me first just say: I LOVE MY NEW JOB.  It is beyond wonderful, and I love being creative in new ways!  This new and wonderful job has had me out on the road for 2 weeks already and will have me out on the road another 5 weeks between now and Christmas.  Traveling is great, but I have the feeling by the time Christmas rolls around, I will not want to even look at a car for a good, long while.  I miss Aaron and our Missional Community terribly when I’m gone, but and still enjoying each adventure.  And let me tell you, it’s an adventure.  I get to travel in Western North Dakota for the majority of my time on the road, so I have begun to learn all kinds of new things about how to keep myself awake at 7:00 a.m. when I’ve driving to Williston for a college fair, what hotels are, in fact, clean and safe, and the pockets (or huge canyons) of space where my phone doesn’t work in Western ND.  I’ve also learned the express skill of packing, re-packing, and un-packing a car full of literature for fairs and just how to maneuver two different rolling carts loaded with material in just one trip (sometimes even without an elevator).  I’ve learned how to tactfully answer questions such as:  Why are you better than UND?  How good are your parties on campus? and my favorite: do you have hot girls at your college?

Life is very different from even just 6 months ago, and I am so thankful for that.  Here’s a photo montage of life on the road thus far…

Many early morning drives in beautiful ND. And many dirty windshields.
Many “Thank You” notes are written.  I just wish they were as funny as Jimmy Fallon’s.
Many college fairs in North Dakota with this set-up.  GO BISON!
Many students and many NDSU employees at the National College Fair in Minneapolis. FUN.



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