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Thoughts from the Malibu

In the past 4 months, I have been gallivanting through the great state of North Dakota along with bits of Minnesota and South Dakota for nearly 8 weeks. I have learned a lot, had a heap of fun, and am exhausted.  All in a day’s work, right? Here are some thoughts that have had many hours … Continue reading

Life, Recently

Where to start?  I have been so very absent on here for a variety of reasons.  Let’s talk about one.  Work. Let me first just say: I LOVE MY NEW JOB.  It is beyond wonderful, and I love being creative in new ways!  This new and wonderful job has had me out on the road … Continue reading

A Bit of News in the Tetzlaff Home

I (Roxie) accepted a new position at NDSU as an admission counselor! This job is a huge answer to prayer for us, and I am extremely excited about this new endeavor.  The Lord has given us above and beyond anything we deserve.  We are very grateful for this opportunity for me to move to a job … Continue reading

Oreo Delight Ice Cream Sandwiches

Can you tell we have been eating a lot?  We love how food can bring people together, break awkward barriers down, and create good conversation around the table.  This is most frequently played out at Missional Community every Wednesday evening, but also happens in the every day as Aaron and I strive to build relationships … Continue reading

Apple Bar Goodness

I’m on a roll with recipes… at least these past 2 days.  Since I have been failing to sit down and write about life these past few months, I figure I can at least document good food we’ve been eating and share it with all of you fine people. These apple bars are good.  Not … Continue reading

Granola My Heart

I was talking with a sweet friend recently and found a shared love of granola.  She asked for my recipe, and since this particular recipe just came out of the oven, I thought I’d share it here in case there are any other granola-lovers out there.  This recipe was adapted from a blog here, but … Continue reading

Tetzlaff Pizza Crust

When I first met Aaron’s family (and by Aaron’s family, I mean immediate + extended all at the same time – it was a wonderful 4th of July weekend!), we made what I later learned was a cabin and family staple: homemade pizza.  I acquired the Tetzlaff family recipe for the pizza crust that day, … Continue reading

World Traveler

Allow me to introduce you to Flat Stephanie. Flat Stephanie is a class project for my sister-in-law, Megan.  Each student made a Flat Stephanie or Stanley and sent them around to family and friends taking pictures of their journeys. This little lady has been to more places than I have in my lifetime, well at … Continue reading

Extraordinary, Part 3

I feel like I’ve lost the right to still be writing about what happened to us this past summer. (Read about the first post here and the second, here.)  It’s almost, if not already summer 2012 (hello 93 degrees on May 18!) if I’m really honest, but then I think of all the changes that … Continue reading

Lesson Learned

Hi there. It’s been a while. How have you been? I have desperately wanted to sit down and write on here for several months now – lengthy posts about frustrations at work, how tired I’ve been, how much I’ve had on my plate, and the list could go on for a while. But every time … Continue reading